16 Sep 2014

R-Type I and II Released on the OUYA

Less than a week after the Amazon Appstore version of R-Type was made available for free, and fully playable for OUYA owners who sideloaded the Amazon Appstore on their system, the game gets an official release on
16 Sep 2014

See you at IndieCade 2014

Ohai there, We’re happy to announce our list of Official Selections for this year’s 2014 IndieCade! Will you be in Culver City, CA — or the surrounding Los Angeles area — October 9 through 12? If so,
12 Sep 2014

Wishing for a Humble Ouya Bundle

by Jenni Lada on September 12, 2014 at 1:00 pm Sections: Consoles, Exclusives, Features, Opinions, Originals, Ouya I’m probably in the minority here, but I have an Ouya and I kinda love it. There are definite knocks
12 Sep 2014

The stillborn revolution: Ouya fails to sell, developer seeks buyout

What happened to the big Android gaming revolution we were promised? The Ouya team raised 8.6 million dollars from its Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, and released its tiny console to consumers about a year later. Despite
11 Sep 2014

Super Lemonade Factory: 1989 Released on the OUYA

If you grew up loving the Game Boy’s unique greenscale visuals, then the latest Super Lemonade Factory game is for you. Super Lemonade Factory: 1989 just hit the OUYA as a free-to-play game. It’s a 2D platformer
10 Sep 2014

OUYA Back to School Sale Discounts Many Games Until September 16

The OUYA Back to School sale has begun with some big savings. Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition – $2.50 Boulder Dash: The Full Collection – $2.99 Final Fantasy III – $8.00 Ittle Dew – $3.50 LAZA KNITEZ
8 Sep 2014

Is Ouya For Sale? Does Anyone Care?

Last week Re/Code posted that Android gaming platform Ouya was on the sales block. It sounded like it was almost a matter of time before an acquiring company swept in and scooped up a twitching carcass of
6 Sep 2014

One Year After it’s Release, Could OUYA be Looking for a Buyer?

By Griffin Egan – September, 4th 2014 Tech website Re/code was first to report that, according to multiple sources, OUYA, the developer of the Android-specifc cost-effective console OUYA, is accepting bids by potential buyers in the Chinese and
5 Sep 2014

OUYA Accepts Bitcoin! Get Your Android Powered Game Console for Less than …

Yesterday the gaming world was rocked by an announcement from OUYA: We accept Bitcoin! REJOICE! I’m rejoicing!  OUYA is the 8th-generation gaming console that is competing with the X-Box One, the Wii-U, and the Play Station 4;
5 Sep 2014

Could Ouya Be Bought By A Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer? – Android Headlines

China is an interesting place to sell computer games. In 2000 following an outcry from parents, the Chinese authorities banned the sale of video games consoles and accessories to help the mental health of China’s youth. It
5 Sep 2014

A peek behind the OUYA curtain

Hey Folks, Today we wanted to give you a peek behind the OUYA development curtain and show off some of the features you can expect to see one day on your OUYA. I’ll start off with one
5 Sep 2014

Ouya in acquisition talks, report claims

Advertisement Article source: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/ouya-in-acquisition-talks-report-claims/0137842