2 Sep 2014

Ouya turning to Chinese companies to buy the business

Sources known to Re/code have said that the company has found their progress in the gaming market not as forthcoming as initially hoped and now feel that with the financial backing and production of potential suitors including
2 Sep 2014

Ouya Reportedly Seeking Acquisition By Chinese Companies

Back in August 2012 Ouya emerged on the scene. This startup wanted to create an Android gaming console of the same name. The project got a lot of traction on Kickstarter and its campaign ended up raising
2 Sep 2014

‘Big players’ from US and China reportedly interested in OUYA

OUYA’s remained relatively quiet over the past few months, aside from making content-focused announcements here and there — such as OUYA Everywhere and the expansion of it. That said, the gaming startup, once a Kickstarter sensation, could
2 Sep 2014

Android Game Console Maker Ouya in Sale Talks With Chinese Internet Giants …

Ouya, the maker of a low-cost Android-based gaming console of the same name, has been engaged in preliminary acquisition talks with multiple big players in China, as well as a few here in the U.S., according to
2 Sep 2014

China to get Ouya games and CMGE looks to rollout out free wifi

Not only is China one of the largest markets for mobile gaming, it’s also one of the most dynamic. There’s the broad shift from feature phones (and no phones at all) to a potentially billion-strong smartphone market.
29 Aug 2014

Towerfall’s new expansion called Ascension is now available on the Ouya

Towerfall’s new expansion called Ascension is now available on the Ouya Details Published on Thursday, 28 August 2014 07:31 Written by AndrewH One of the original games, which also happened to be one of the first titles
28 Aug 2014

Tetris Battle: Fusion Is Now Available For The Ouya Console

Tetris Battle: Fusion Is Now Available For The Ouya Console Details Published on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:46 Written by Zack Kaplan The popular Facebook game Tetris Battle is now on the Ouya in the form of
28 Aug 2014

Towerfall Ascension Update Released For OUYA

The OUYA’s most-beloved launch title was Towerfall, and it gave the system a killer app that no other platform had. With the release of Towerfall: Ascension on Steam and the PlayStation 4, owners of the Android microconsole
27 Aug 2014

Ouya teams up with Xiaomi to bring Android games to China

Ouya signed a partnership with Xiaomi to bring their games to China. Ouya has not reached its expected growth in the United States, and is looking to increase sales by entering the third largest video game market
26 Aug 2014

Ouya Bringing its Games and New Set-top Boxes to China

Read More Video Game News Article source: http://arcadesushi.com/ouya-bringing-its-games-and-new-set-top-boxes-to-china/
26 Aug 2014

Tetris Battle Fusion Released on the OUYA

Tetris is one of gaming’s most beloved games and the most revered puzzle franchise of all time. Now, it’s arrived on the OUYA with a multiplayer-focused version. Tetris Online have honored the franchise’s 30th anniversary with an
25 Aug 2014

Ouya partners with Xiaomi on gaming

Joseph Waring by Joseph Waring Ouya, a US-based video gaming startup, has announced a tie-up with smartphone maker Xiaomi to help it tap into China’s booming video game market. The companies are discussed a revenue sharing arrangement