23 Apr 2014

Sputnik Panik, Fun with Gravity

Today we look at Sputnik Panik
23 Apr 2014

Golden Scarab, I Die Fast

Today we look at Golden Scarab
23 Apr 2014

Spiky Tower, Drunken Ramblings

Today we look at Spiky Tower
23 Apr 2014

Sonic Games on OUYA Get 50% Off Sale

The OUYA is home to over 700 games, and three of them happen to involve Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 1 and Sonic 4 Episode 2 are now available at a 50% discount
19 Apr 2014

Retro Racing on OUYA Down to $2.50 Until Easter

Sony’s Easter flash sale is definitely going to garner a lot of attention, but the OUYA’s had its own little sale going on. The ten days of deals continue with Retro Racing. This overhead racing brings back
19 Apr 2014

Ouya, we hardly knew ya

Ouya will move back its compact cubic console. Ouya It’s not every day that a crowdfunding project raises over $5 million. PonoPlayer, the ludicrously high-quality music player that trotted out an army of Grammy winners to support
18 Apr 2014

Raiding Company Gets 50% Discount on the OUYA

Raiding Company – Co-op Arcade Shooter! is the latest game to go on sale during the ten days of savings for the platform. This overhead shooter isn’t the prettiest or best-playing game on the system, but did
17 Apr 2014

Magnetic by Nature announced as coming to Ouya as an exclusive next month

Magnetic by Nature announced as coming to Ouya as an exclusive next month Details Published on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 09:35 Written by AndrewH As many of you have probably noticed, the Android-powered game console Ouya has
17 Apr 2014

Magnetic By Nature Announced Exclusively For Ouya

OUYA and Team Triplash announced today that Magnetic By Nature,  fast-paced adventure platforming game that lets players manipulate magnetism, will be hitting Ouya exclusively this May. In Magnetic By Nature, players play the role of the last surviving robot exploring
17 Apr 2014

Ouya Releases Chupacabra System Update With Redesigned Play Screen …

The newest update for the Ouya game console has been made available, and it’s a big one. This time the cryptozoological mascot is the infamous goat-sucker itself, the Chupacabra. It’s more than a name, though. This is